H(yd)den In Plain Sight

Before I get to the finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., nice work on the Flash! Eobard was captured by the combined efforts of Barry, Ronnie and Ollie. Of course, Leonard Snart now has his Rogues. I guess we’ll see them next season.

I didn’t catch that Cal was Calvin Zabo, the alter ego of Mister Hyde…even with all of the stupid tantrums. I even posted regarding Skye being Daisy Johnson/Quake, for some reason not recalling that she was Hyde’s daughter.



I was kinda disappointed in the actions of Skye’s mother, but I read that there will be an Inhumans movie sometime soon, and so things needed to go as they did. Of course, not everyone thinks so.

Bobbi was excellent – she is just so bloody kick-ass!

Ward will now be the new head of HYDRA? Whoa.

I guess I should mention that Coulson won’t be doing two-handed pushups for the near future.

Nice work, everyone. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is now must-see TV.

To explain my missing the above hints as to Hyde, I will now share with you a true story.

I was NOT aware that Chancellor Palpatine was the Emperor until Revenge of the Sith.


How was that possible?!?

Until recently, I had not seen Return of the Jedi…and I have only a one-word answer to that:


I could never make sense of how it was that little furry creatures lived in a bloody forest. It smacked of pandering to the fairer sex, who, I imagine, after first seeing the little buggers, practically cooed in the ears of anyone within earshot.

When Star Wars came out, I took the book with me, and read it while the movie played.

When Empire Strikes Back first showed, I had to leave because my sister freaked out when Han cut into the Taun-taun to keep Luke safe from the elements on Hoth. I got to see it not too long after that.

I never saw RotJ in the theater.

When the Phantom Menace came out, I thought that there was something a tad “off” about the Chancellor…but I couldn’t really put my finger on it.

Attack of the Clones should have made it clear that he was up to no good, but I simply didn’t have that prior knowledge.

Of course, it all came together in Revenge of the Sith – though his conversion to the Dark Side was clumsily done.

Now, you think I would have consulted some Star Wars Wiki that would ostensibly explain how Ewoks could live in a forest…but I didn’t much care…until I’d seen a promo of RotJ with the Emperor blasting Luke with Force Lightning.

Now I had to see it!

I sat through the bloody forest scenes, and got my payoff. Of course, I cannot find examples of other Jedis being taught the folly of attacking when the other Jedi has the “high ground“.

So…if you ever see me in person, please feel free to rib me on my missing Palpatine as the Emperor. I won’t zap you with Force Lightning…maybe.



About Vin the Comics Guy

My Name is Vin, and I have a personal collection of over 17,000 comic books. My earliest book is a copy of Garrison’s Gorrilas, from 1939.
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