What If…Todd McFarlane Had Drawn The Foolkiller Series?

I had an interesting thought after reading the late, great Steve Gerber’s blog, in which he notes that the adjective-less Spider-Man#1 came out the same week as Foolkiller #1.

What if…instead of being given free reign to write and draw yet another Spider-Man book, that instead, he was given the assignment to draw Steve’s Foolkiller book?

Foolkiller was drawn by Joe Brozowski, under the pseudonym J.J. Birch, and inked by Tony DeZuniga (1-5) and Vincent Giarrano (6-10). I like the book just fine as it is. J.J. did a couple of swipes from Amazing Spider-Man #225, by Roger Stern, John Romita, Jr. and Bob Wiacek, but they in no way detract from the book; rather, they allowed me to make fond rememberances to the issue.

Spider-Man #1 sold an incredible number of copies:

“Todd McFarlane was at the top of his game as an artist, and with Marvel’s release of this new Spidey series he also got the chance to take on the writing duties. The sales of this series were nothing short of phenomenal, with approx. 2.5 million copies eventually printing, including special bagged editions and a number of variant covers.”

Imagine if he had drawn those ten issues for Steve instead?

I have two copies of Spider-Man #1; the regular cover and the black cover. I have a lot of variant covers,  but it’s usually either one or the other.


I was lucky to be able to pick up Incredible Hulk #340 for $1.25 at the time…check what it lists for now.

I picked up Amazing Spider-Man #300 on a newsstand on the way home from a Hallowe’en party (along with Iron Man #225 – the Stark Wars, with excellent art by Doc Bright and Bob Layton). Early on in Todd’s career, he did a couple of swipes from John Byrne’s run on Hulk, but he eventually made them his own, and developed his own visual vocabulary. It was a lot of fun reading those issues, having the wordsmithing of Peter David juxtaposed with this unique take on illustrating the Grey Goliath.

I mention Incredible Hulk #340 for a reason. Todd drew one of the best renditions of Wolverine since Byrne and Austin had him fighting the Wendigo in Uncanny X-Men #140. It was also the first issue fully drawn by McFarlane. So, of course, when it was released that not only Wolverine, but also Hobgoblin and the Ghost Rider were going to be in Spider-Man #s 6 & 7, I was sure that I was going to see that fantastic rendition of Wolverine once again.


What the bloody hell happened?!?

It’s fine, I guess – I just go back to Incredible Hulk #340, to see it done right.

Anywho, I’m looking forward to Free Comic Book Day tomorrow.

Let’s not forget Avengers – Age of Ultron. I’ve been watching the first Avengers movie being broadcast on FX, and I’m not tired of it yet.

I can only hope A-AoU is at least as good.


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My Name is Vin, and I have a personal collection of over 17,000 comic books. My earliest book is a copy of Garrison’s Gorrilas, from 1939.
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