Secret Wars!

Avengers – Age of Ultron is but two days away, and Free Comic Book Day is but one day after that.

My nephew and I will be making the rounds on Saturday. I just ran across a film called Sucker Punch – check it out!

Let’s talk about this week’s Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

The cat’s out of the bag regarding the Reverse-Flash taking over Harrison Wells’ identity, Cisco attempts to set a trap, but instead is fooled by a substitution with last week’s antagonist, Everyman. Eobard Thawne reveals himself to Eddie, who had just attempted to propose to Iris. An interesting thing is the future news clipping, revealing that Iris would eventually marry Barry (as it was in the comics). Joe West refuses to give his blessing for Eddie to take his daughter’s hand, and tells Barry that he knows that he and Iris belong together.

I’ll bet we will soon find out it wasn’t the greatest of ideas to let Eddie in on the secret…and Barry has just boldly LIED to Iris about not having received powers.

I was able to catch up using the online version, but I kept losing connection. Of course, when I gave up trying, the connection stayed intact.


Before I recap on this week’s AoS, here’s an online clip I found: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Double Agent –

I haven’t caught up with the previous episode, but there was one thing I was mindful of; that this episode would lead into the upcoming Avengers movie, much as  the previous season’s AoS led into Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

How about the reappearance of Ward and the comment: “We got the band back together?”

Skye now has full control of her powers, enough to be able to bring Lincoln back to life with a pulse to his heart. Deathlok was partially dismantled, but will be sent to be repaired. Bakshi was inadvertently killed by Jemma – it looked to me that she was attempting to kill Ward.

There is some discord being sown among the InhumansRayna has a premonition of Iron Man and upcoming destruction. I guess we’ll see in two days.

SECRET WARS is here!


So…the BEYONDERS have murdered the godheads of our universe, among them the Living Tribunal?!? How will this jibe with the two previous Secret Wars series? Will it relate at all to BMB‘s retcon in Illuminati #3?

A quick aside – why did the good guys use the term “Illuminati“, and the bad guys “Intelligencia“? IMHO, it should have been the other way around.

A quick look at the above cover will let you know that we’re in for a wild ride!

I was previously unaware that the cancellation of books like FF were due to SW. It made more sense to me that the entire Marvel line is being realigned (I hesitate to use the term rebooted), but I surely hope it doesn’t end with the Hulk/Doc Green being stuck on Battleworld II for a year.

I plan on doing a review of my favorite FCBD releases this weekend.


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