The Owl Needs A Makeover, Stat!

I posted a comment over at Brian Cronin’s Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #42!:

“Leland is obviously in need of a bionic makeover.

Bionic legs, with clawed feet, and hard light wings. Also, he can rotate his head 360 degrees.”

I believe I have a great treatment for him, and I should probably write it up and submit it.


I’m envisioning that after he gets his bionic legs, he still dresses in suits; however, he will not wear shoes. Because the legs are now completely bionic and can conform to his thoughts, he will do things like sitting at a table with his legs up, smoking a cigar using one of them, picking at his scalp occasionally, things like that. Sometimes the legs act on his subconscious thoughts, making for fun visual sub-context.

What do you think?


About Vin the Comics Guy

My Name is Vin, and I have a personal collection of over 17,000 comic books. My earliest book is a copy of Garrison’s Gorrilas, from 1939.
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