The Boys #64 Review (contains spoilers)

The first two words convey my feeling about the entire issue.

I guess in The Boys’ universe, PearPCs are all the rage.

On route to Dulles, Butcher confers with soon-to-be-ex-Director Rayner, while Wee Hughie checks out footage of some Super-Klansmen. Butcher then explains to Hughie that all he’s ever done was to attempt to prepare Hughie for dealing with the world on realistic terms.

We are then made privy to the information released by The Boys to the public; suffice it to say that the Homelander’s photos are all tinged red. At the end of the montage, we see Vought American Vice President James Stillwell perusing said information, when he perceives someone waiting outside his window.

Several stories from the ground.

He turns to find the Homelander hovering outside his window, bloodied and eyes afire with heat vision.

Very matter-of-factly, Stillwell informs the Homelander that the windows do not fully open; if he wishes to gain access to his office, he can either smash the window or use his heat vision; but whatever his decision, he should do so as soon as possible, for Stillwell says he is suffering the “worst headache of my life.”

Taken aback, the Homelander chooses to smash the window.

We next see some fighter aircraft being armed with some very special missiles.

Stillwell advises his security staff to stand down, which the Homelander terms as “wise”. He then begins gloating in regards to the series of events he has brought about, while Stillwell informs him that he has totally disrupted the carefully laid plans of VA.The Homelander quips about not being part of those plans, and intimates that his replacement is already being grown. He then notes that Stillwell’s heart rate has not fluctuated in the slightest. He remarks, “I’ve finally found a superhuman.”

Whatever failsafe Stillwell has in defense against the Homelander, it surely isn’t a kryptonite ring, eh? After reading this, I’d make the guess that Stillwell IS the failsafe.

At any rate, Stillwell admonishes the Homelander for his utter lack of creativity, stating that he has failed to be impressed by a single thing that the Homelander’s done.


The Homelander threatens to murder him; Stillwell threatens to jump and save him the trouble, which once again disarms the Homelander.

Sputtering, the Homelander leaves in a fit of pique, advising Stillwell to “keep watching”. I’m surprised that, when he yelled, it didn’t rupture Stillwell’s eardrums.

We next go to the Pentagon, where VA “supes” are in battle with troops, while Oh Father in confronted by a reporter about charges of pedophilia. He assaults the reporter, breaking his neck, his jaw and dislodging teeth in one blow.

Butcher arrives with Hughie, and receives operational control of the troops. He notices the aerial “supes” holding their position, then discovers that the Homelander has arrived at the White House. Butcher brandishes his crowbar and begins to make his way towards the White House.

Hughie is told not to interfere. Hughie then receives a call from Mother’s Milk; Hughie explains that Butcher is making his way and has disabled all communication. MM then explains that he has seen the file on Black Noir, and that Butcher has no idea of what he is about to face.

Book ends.

This is going to be a long wait for issue #65.

I’ve a really out there idea about the identity of Black Noir – think “Kaine” – I will say no more.

Garth Ennis has failed to disappoint me with a single issue of this series. Russell Braun has really gotten the feel of the characters and I can still feel Darick Robertson’s influence as I read these issues. Tony Avina’s colors are on-point, and Simon Bowland always manages a good flow with the word balloons.

As I just said – it’s going to be a long wait.


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